Heartfelt is heart-first

We want to do business a better way, together.

It’s not just about disrupting current jewelry industry standards. It’s about bringing you beautiful jewelry that you can feel good about wearing. Whether it’s giving back to a community and treating our employees fairly, or doing our part for Mother Earth while offering fair prices and high quality, HEARTFELT works hard to make sure everyone wins.


A simple formula with a big impact!

We believe reading can inspire, enrich, and improve a child’s life. Unfortunately,Indonesia’s lack of libraries means children have little access to books. We want to change that.


We mean it when we say our line is made with love. Our employees are true artists, using techniques passed down
through the generations to handcraft each HEARTFELT piece. Their love is reflected in the quality of our jewelry.
An island of profound beauty, art, and culture, Bali is a natural paradise. Our designs are inspired and infused with its unique spirit.


All HEARTFELT charms feature conflict-free precious and semi-precious stones.
We use multi-colored sapphires, topaz, rhodolite, and peridot in a variety of cuts to give each charm its best shine. 


We have been manufacturing high-end custom jewelry for top designers in our workshop since 2008. We decided that it was time to create our own label.
By using our own facilities, we are personally involved in all aspects of production so we can:
- Control all production and quality standards
- Ensure all pieces are created ethically and responsibly
- Cut out the middleman to pass on fair pricing to you
- Put artisans first